Another Cutie Turns One – One year portraits and Cake Smash

Another one of my newborn cuties turned one over the Xmas holidays! The session began with his one year portraits and then we stripped him down to his diaper and placed the cake in front of him!  We had a great time watching him poke, be confused by and finally taste his cake.  Many of the one year olds who come to their cake smash are utterly confused as to why the adults have just placed a full size cake in front of them! They aren’t too sure what exactly they are supposed to do.  It’s pretty funny to watch them processing the fact that a giant messy food item is inches from them! Then often they don’t dig right in because they are utterly confused by the whole concept.  This little guy eventually warmed up and decided that the cake tasted yummy enough and began to dig in!

one year photo one year photo wagon one year cake smash