5 things I Learned this Morning – Surrey and Vancouver Newborn Photographer

So I am not only a photographer but also a Grade 1 teacher.  I work at the school three days a week and then throw in the photography whenever I can.  I am also of course a mom.

When I work as a teacher I have to have my kids up and out of the house on the way to daycare by no later than 7:15am or I am likely to arrive at work late.  That being said I try and get everything I can ready the night before.  Lunches are premade, clothes are laid out, backpacks are organized and left by the door and anything needed for after school sports or activities has already been put into the car.

Well like everything in life sometimes plans don’t happen exactly as you imagined.  Usually one morning every two weeks ends in a near disaster! Not the car blows up kind of disaster but a full on tears and meltdown kind of disaster.


Today was one of those mornings.


So I bet you can’t wait to hear what went wrong this morning?  LOL Believe me when I assure you that it isn’t nearly as glamorous as you probably think!

1. Don’t ever sit down on the couch once the kids are in bed unless EVERYTHING is already prepped for the next morning.

This was the first issue as I sat down last night and fell asleep on the couch meaning I woke up at 1am and instead of making sure clothes were out and bags were ready I headed right to bed!


2. It really is time to get up when the alarm goes off for the 5th time and you reach to push snooze yet again!

I know this seems obvious but I always think I can just lay in bed a little bit longer.  It doesn’t even seem to matter if I go to bed at 9pm or midnight I ALWAYS want to sleep longer when the alarm goes off.  Unfortunately just because my body feels like it needs more sleep the silly clock keeps moving forward regardless and I end up being late!!!


3.  Don’t rely on your kids to put your yummy homemade Rhubarb Cake into your lunch bag and then remember to put it on the counter like you asked.


This said lunch bag was on the floor next to the backpacks.  They put the yummy cake into the bag but failed to move the bag up onto the counter.  This resulted in Bella – the lovely scrounge dog taking the cake out of my bag and eating it in about 2 seconds flat.  This all happened while I was blow drying my hair of course!  Fortunately we had another piece so I wasn’t without a snack.  Bella is cute and incredibly good with my kids but man has she eaten or bitten an awful lot of things in my house!!! LOL

4. Under no circumstances should my kids wear tie up shoes when we are in a rush!

Mollie has recently learned how to tie shoe laces and she truly is good at it; however when we are in a rush a different type of footwear is ESSENTIAL!  She first struggled with getting her foot into the shoe as it wasn’t loosened off enough.  Then she couldn’t tie up the laces and have them stay tight.  She ended up trying and trying while in the car on the way to daycare.  Then when we arrived and I opened the door to get her out she burst into tears! 🙁  Poor bug was upset she couldn’t do it on her own.


5.  Mommy hugs make almost everything ok!


The rushed crazy morning ended up finishing with big hugs and reassurances that life would go on despite the leaving the lunch bag on the floor and not being able to tie shoes well enough.  Both kids were all smiles again when I waved and shut the door of the daycare.


I hope everyone gets their own fill of kid hugs today!


brother and sister on dock in steveston richmond, bc



  1. Kim Hill says:

    Awww, I think we all have had days like that. LOL You made it through it, though, and that’s what counts.

  2. Melissa says:

    ohhhhh You are so NOT alone!!! This sounds really familiar!