Growing up – Graduation Portraiture Vancouver and Surrey

So my little cousin graduated this year and we made the trek WAY up north to her teeny tiny town to be a part of the graduation festivities!  Mollie was her candle bearer – someone who is gets the light of knowledge passed onto them.  It was a very cool experience for Mollie as she LOVES my cousin {M}.  {M} has been coming down to stay with me every single year since Mollie was born for one week during the summer.  It was always a chance for her to get to have fun in the big city, shopping for school clothes and generally sightseeing and relaxing.  Right now she is currently driving down here once again and should arrive tomorrow on my birthday! Except this time she is STAYING and going to university!!! She was accepted with a scholarship to Simon Fraser University!!!! I am so proud of her as that is my old university!  WAY to go {M}!!


  1. Jenn says:

    These are beautiful! Congrats to her on her scholarship to SFU!

  2. Mandy says:

    Very nice portraits! I am sure they will treasure these. Love the last couple outdoors!

  3. They are beautiful! Love the clarity and clean processing. And love love love the shoe shot:)

  4. robin says:

    Beautiful work!

  5. tamsen says:

    very cute! i love the one of her outside leaning against the wall- so pretty!

  6. Kim Hill says:

    Beautiful! Love those ones of the teen in the urban setting.

  7. Melissa M. says:

    What a stunning girls!

  8. Jenne Dunham says:

    These are great – especially love the shots of her outside – her eyes really stand out. Nice job!

  9. Beautiful girls! Love how the green really pops!

  10. Trudie says:

    These are all fantastic pics, I especially love the outdoors shots.

  11. great shots!! love the outdoor ones!

  12. JennyO says:

    Awe, gosh, doesn’t time fly! These photos are just stunning.

  13. Lora Swinson says:

    I love love love her dress!!!! Beautiful shots 🙂