Waiting for another Daughter – Surrey Pregnancy Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this lovely Mommy to be and her SWEET SWEET little girl.  Little Miss {A} was just so excited to meet her new sister and was extremely cooperative given that she is only 3!!! I just last week got to meet the new little sister and can’t wait to showcase her on the blog soon!

Until then you will have to oooh and ahhh over these photos! I guarantee that the newest addition to the family is JUST AS BEAUTIFUL!

And the last image is one of my all time FAVORITE images EVER!!!



  1. Jodi says:

    Those are gorgeous!! What I wouldn’t have given to look that good pregnant!!

  2. alli says:

    oh these are fabulous! the last one is amazing

  3. Really stunning images and such a beautiful mom-to-be (and sister-to-be) … great job!

  4. Sandra Chetwynd says:

    Oh my, these images are stunning!!

  5. What a gorgeous belly!!! Big sister looks excited!

  6. Emma says:

    Gorgeous images, and the ladies are BEAUTIFUL!! The last shot is just so beautiful and perfect! cannot wait to see the photo of new baby!

  7. Brit says:

    Beautiful. Love the last shot best!

  8. Beth P says:

    Love these – what a beautiful mama-to-be!

  9. Miranda says:

    Wow she is stunning, and that little girl is so beautiful! Lovely photos!

  10. dalia says:

    these are gorgeous!! and the last one really is something special!

  11. Nancy says:

    These are lovely! She’s absolutely stunning & the last image is beautiful!

  12. Kelly R says:

    What a beautiful mommy! Love these. She looks great!

  13. What a beautiful mom and daughter!!

  14. tanyad says:

    such a gorgeous Mommy! Fabulous Work! you rock!

  15. tamsen says:

    what a beautiful Momma!

  16. Tina says:

    These are beautiful Deanna. That new baby coming has some gorgeous genes coming their way!

  17. Anna says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! That last photo is so precious, great job!

  18. Carrie S says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous shots & a gorgeous mama!

  19. Amanda says:

    Great photos…love the first one:)

  20. Laura A says:

    Those are absolutely stunning!

  21. Christy F says:

    I love the timeless black and whites you captured!

  22. elyse says:

    love them! The color/lighting is perfect! Sister one needs to go up BIG on a wall!!