Just another Macro Monday!!! – Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Well its just another MACRO Monday!!! I LOVE messing around with my macro lens.  If I am in a bad mood or am feeling blah for any reason I just need to whip out the macro lens and go on the hunt for some flowers or bugs or interesting teeny tiny things.  A few weeks ago I spent no more than 5 minutes after the Sparks Spree (Girl Guide Fun Day) snapping pics of some cool flowers around Campbell Valley Park.  I finally got a chance to edit them and decided to run them through a haze process. It gives them a nice warm and calm effect I think. Don’t miss the little ANT on the very last flower!


  1. Christy F says:

    Your macro work is amazing! And that ant is just perfect!!!

  2. these are BEAUTIFUL!!! love the pp too!

  3. Kim Hill says:

    So pretty – love the purple ones at the end…are they thistle?

  4. wow these are some gorgeous macro shots!

  5. Kelly Q says:

    Beautiful! I love the purple flowers at the end!

  6. admin says:

    Kim they are a wildflower if some kind! Not very helpful am I! They aren’t thistle though. I’ll see if I can ask my
    Mom what they are.

  7. C. Crowder says:

    Love the single yellow one. SO pretty.

  8. Tracy Heyman says:

    Beautiful macro image! Love.

  9. Kelly says:

    WOW, these are great. I am wanting a macro lens now!

  10. Holly G says:

    Gorgeous macro shots!

  11. I love shooting macro..these are stunning!!

  12. tamsen says:

    these are so pretty! LOVE the first one and the second yellow one!

  13. kelly klatt says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! The diffused lighting on these is perfection…that last shot with the ant is awesome 🙂

  14. Tiffaney says:

    I love macro photography… it was the first type of photography that I was passionate about. These are beautiful images.

  15. Brit says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Love these.

  16. amanda says:

    Great use of the macro! Love all of the vibrant colors too.

  17. robin says:

    Beautiful macro shots and the colors are so pretty on these flowers! I want a true macro lens so badly!