A Gorgeous Work of Art – Vancouver, Surrey and Maple Ridge Photographer

I have posted about canvases before but since I had the recent canvas contest I thought I would post again!  Canvases are a WONDERFUL way for you to have truly beautiful artwork in your home at a fraction of the cost of framed paintings – not to mention WAY prettier since it most often showcases your own family!  I have a number of canvases on the walls of my house and people ALWAYS comment and admire them.  Canvases come in virtually ANY size you wish and look even better when they are grouped in bunches.  Recently I have noticed all sorts of consumer companies starting to sell canvases.  PLEASE USE CAUTION when purchasing canvas prints from places such as Costco or Walmart – the quality is just not that great.  The backs of the canvases are not finished and the edges are often not even fully wrapped around instead only stapled along the sides of the canvas then covered over with what appears to be black canvas-like tape!!!  I use a wonderful company who takes the utmost of care in producing a truly heirloom product.  Every canvas is finished off with hangers and perfect corners.  There is a UV coating on the front so that the light will not fade your print and the weave of the canvas is tight enough that you will only see a slight texture.   Here are some photos of the most recent canvases purchased by clients.



  1. Kim Hill says:

    You’re right! Canvases really are a beautiful addition to any home (or office). I love how they come ready to hang….no need to spend more money on frames. 😀

  2. tamsen says:

    those are beautiful canvasses! and i know the difference- a costco canvas a couple years ago did not even come CLOSE to the professional canvas that I have been getting since then. It wasn’t even cheap enough to make it seem like it was worth it! They are offering what is really a ’boutique’ product, but they are not taking the time to make it as beautiful as it really should be.
    Canvas is a work of art when done properly, and truly they are heirloom pieces!

  3. Christy F says:

    GREAT canvas examples – I am never disappointed with my canvases!!!!

  4. Beautiful canvases!! Seriously love these in my home!

  5. Laura says:

    I LOVE canvas and am a huge believer in turning a portrait into art by putting it on canvas. Lovely examples and such a great product showcase 🙂

  6. Kelly Q says:

    These are so beautiful! They turn any portrait into a work of art!

  7. Nancy says:

    Love seeing these pics! I enjoy ordering canvas for clients but it’s not as great as the look on my own kids’ faces when they see a canvas of their own faces!!

  8. Candy Howard says:

    Canvases are one of my favorite products!

  9. Natalie says:

    these are wonderful and the photos are fabulous too. What a great product.

  10. Beautiful product shots! I LOVE canvases myself – 15 in my own home:)