This canvas contest was CRAZY!!!! – Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Wedding and Newborn photographer

Okay guys you crashed my site twice and sent literally hundreds of people to my site! I NEVER thought people would get that invested in a canvas!!!! I can say that they are BEAUTIFUL! So Number 11 is the winner although it was a very close race.  Little baby Campbell will get the free canvas for her nursery. I would like to offer EVERYONE who entered into the contest the opportunity to purchase their own 11×14 canvas at a VERY reduced price.  My normal price is $225 for this size.  I am going to offer them for $160 as I have been notified of a recent sale at my canvas provider.  I would really love you all to have a beautiful work of art in your homes!  Please contact me if you wish to purchase one!  It does not have to be of your entry but it does have to be a photo which I took!